Turn your garden into a smart garden

Maybe you love growing plants or you just need that fresh green corner in your apartment. Looking into ways to turn your garden into a smart garden? This smart garden tutorial will enumerate some tips to help you convert that green space into a high tech smart home.

The smart garden allows you grow plants without having to go through the rigors of learning garden skills—it makes growing plants an activity within the reach of anyone, regardless of how busy your schedule may be. It can become frustrating and heartbreaking when plants in the garden wither. The smart garden tells the right time to water the plants to enable them grow strong and healthy. The pleasure of caring for a plant is not lost with smart gardening; it only interfaces electronic gadgets to make it easier. Watching your plants grow from seeds to sprouts to full-blown basils you can enjoy for dinner is relatively easy.

The most basic steps to being a good gardner is knowing how to avoid overwatering or underwatering of your plants—from time to time water evaporates from your garden soil and plant transpirations into the atmosphere. To keep a healthy water balance for your plants the garden can be controlled by natural precipitation and the irrigation system. Some other factors leading to garden water evaporation  can hardly be controlled using natural gardening skills, such as humidity, temperature, wind speed and solar variation. However, all these factors are put in place in the smart gardening techniques. This means that smart gardening not only makes you a more efficient gardener, but a professional one.

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, which is a product of Systems Technology, can control irrigation and save water. It is connected to the gardens irrigation valves and lighting circuits to control both the irrigation and lightening schedule.

On very hot and dry days, this device will provide more water to the plants by connecting to the Wi-Fi and using knowledge provided by weather forecasts. Also on cold and cloudy days it reduces the water supply, it totally cuts of the water supply on rainy days. The click and grow garden is a smart gardening tool that allows you grow plants with zero efforts.

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

The starter kit for this smart garden comes with 3 basil plants and you just must add water when it tells you to and in about a month the seeds sprout. It also comes with  smart soil filled with nutrients  designed to keep the soil ph balanced.

The garden is plugged in to power its adjustable LED lights, which helps the plants grow faster. Despite how bright the LEDs shine, it is very energy efficient and consumes only $3 worth of electricity in a year. Whenever the water levels go down, the LED lights send an alert by flashing very brightly,.  The device also come with an Android app that gives gardening tips and monitors the growth from the start date of planting the crop.

Bitponics: Connect with a Community of Growers

Bitponics comes with a nice set of features like the Bitponics Base Station, which has secondary sensors to detect change in humidity, water temperature, air temperature, etc. It monitors the atmosphere around your garden and sends real time information from the sensors to the Bitponics Cloud Network. The information is then analyzed by special reading AI algorithms and sent back to adjust the factors leading to an overall healthier garden.


PlantLink is designed by OSO Technologies Inc. and is a gardening gadget that notifies the user through emails or push notifications of the plants moisture levels and when they need water. It can also water plants on its own when connected to a sprinkler.

EasyBloom 1000 Plant Sensor

EasyBloom plant sensor is a very unique smart gardening tool because it offers something a whole lot different. The basic function of the gadget is to tell you, which fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs or houseplants can grow in your area. It functions by measuring temperature, soil fertility, snd sunglight when inserted into the soil either indoord or outdoord. It makes use of a USB port that is PC compatible and the Plant Doctor software to provide data on the best plants for your environment.

A combination of the EasyBloom plant sensor and the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub is perfect for extensive gardening.

The Windowfarm gardening gadget also works very well as its vertical shaped design helps the garden to be better placed on the window. Its hydroponic system allows your plants to grow independently for an entire year absorbing natural light from the window.  It requires very minimal maintenance from you.

Homes are becoming smarter and the smart garden is just a tip of an iceberg. Smart homes of the future will entail gadgets that apply biometrics like fingerprints, heartbeats and body temperature to distinguish between family members and guests and use the information to adapt to individual needs.