Wearable Technologies That Will Boost Your Business

With millions of devices sold already, wearable technologies have caught the public’s imagination. They are easy to use, and the average person tends to perceive these devices as equipment mainly for personal or consumer use. The truth is, these devices also benefit the business world  today due to the prevalence of fully automated official operations. A variety of companies have taken advantage of this ‎technology trend to improve their customer’s experience and subsequently, develop the overall business sector.

Some devices

Google Glass

This is one of the trendiest wearable technologies in the business world today. Most businesses are keying into the use of Google glass to augment their business activities. Most top-notch company business people in the corporate world use this wearable technology, especially when they are on a business trip to unknown locations. The device screen flashes a reminder on flight schedules, how to get a taxi and guides on how to locate the closest hotel. All the expenses incurred during a business trip will be tallied for accounting by the device. It is highly efficient and makes business presentations easy for people whose job functions require frequent presentations.

Smart Watches

Smart Watches

Smart watches are also very common in today’s business world. These devices are used by employees in modern day business organizations. This is because they alert and notify users of important messages, emails and calendar appointments. With these technologies, employees will be more productive and make the best of their time as the smart watches constantly send alerts and notifications of events.

Smart Clothing

Smart Clothing

The smart clothing is a wearable tech that has a compatible app that stores individuals’ personal information and will keep track of intended workout targets. It is also composed of health related sensors that monitors and keeps track of vital signs.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

This is a wearable tech with an Android platform. It has exceptional recording features and wireless connectivity designed for a wide range of enterprise applications. It is highly ergonomic and easy to use. This wearable technology is currently in large scale productive use to boost business activities in the areas of telemedicine, remote assistance, warehousing, manufacturing, etc.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker is one of the wearable technologies that is gaining rapid acceptance in the market today. However, it is a common wearable technology that is mainly used for health-related activities. It is a perfect fit for people who carry out regular exercise. There are some fitness trackers that can be used by businesses to track the sales activities in an organization. With this, businesses can make an objective analysis of their sales activities and identify areas where the sales performance is low and come up with strategies to improve their sales performance.

Smart Jewelry

Smart Jewelry

This is quite similar to the idea of a smart watch. The smart jewellery tech jewellery informs users of any calls, emails, or text when they are unable to access their phone. Many well-known jewellery designers have teamed up with mobile accessory making companies to create smart jewellery products.


Having a hands-free device within a business enables employees to receive and review data on-the-go, as well as sending the data they receive back to the company. The possibility of voice commands is useful, offering a totally hands-free experience. Not to mention how much more accepted a quick glance to a watch or other wearable tech would be, compared to searching documents or devices at a meeting, thus allowing data to be received and acted on right there and then.

A basic case study

Using the Princess Cruises Ship as a basic case study. The ship installed 7,000 sensors, 122 km of cable, and 650 readers to enable a well thought out plan, which was the ocean medallion. The medallion is a ‎token that was designed to replace credit cards, smart phones, and other devices once a customer has boarded the ship. ‎The token could be worn on a wristband, chain or carried in a pocket or purse, and could be used for everything from paying for goods to checking in on the ship.

As soon as guests advanced towards the check-in location, the token immediately alerted the staff so they could be checked in and served. The mobile app enabled guests to make reservations or pre-order drinks for a show. It also alerted the housekeeping team when guests were out of their cabin so the cleaning staff could do their daily duties without disturbing the guests. Thus, the company saw this as a worthwhile investment for establishing a larger base of cruise fans thus receiving more profit.

This case study confirms the advantage these devices have on businesses as a whole. Another sector examined is the retail world, which also benefits from wearable smart technology, specifically where productivity is concerned. Wearable wrist displays, wireless headsets, and more, all allow employees to access information exponentially. It also enables store workers to easily access information they need without disturbing the customer or visiting a stationery unit. The impact on  daily use may seem small, but in the long run it increases retail productivity tremendously.


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