Smart Home Technologies for the Living Room

The advancement in technology has brought about various innovations. The Internet has gradually made way even into the appliances and gadgets we use in our living room. From regulating the temperature remotely to switching lights to controlling happenings in the living room, all can be done from your smartphone. Here, we take a look at some smart home technologies that allows you to automate your living room, making you feel the most comfortable and secure.

Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Light Switch

The Ankuoo NEO WiFi Light Switch is a cutting edge smart home for living room that can be used to control your living room lighting system. This WiFi light switch features a contemporary design of simple single-touch, with a high-gloss finish faceplate that depicts awesomeness. It features a free app that offers you the opportunity to access your lights through the app. 
It comes with network connectivity LED lights. Once the lights are turned off, the power LED light will illuminate. Hence, tracing a switch in the dark is quite easy. Once you are connected to the internet, it will be indicated by the LED. The Ankuoo NEO WiFi Light Switch also offers you the opportunity to set timers for anti-theft precautions as well as better energy saving.

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Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat is a major system that is programmable and cost saving. This is a smart home for the living room that can be used to control the temperature of your living room. Feeling hot? A tap from your phone is all you need to cool your living room with this smart home device. It can be placed in your living room or the hallways.

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Sonos Wireless Speaker System

If you are they type that has a thing for music, this smart home for the living room is for you. The Sonos Wireless Speaker system comes with a one-of-a-kind wireless system. This makes it possible to you to play anything anywhere.

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Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

One of the ways of transforming your living room into an elegant, modern home is by installing smart light bulbs. The Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs features LEDs that helps save cost. They also change their colors and brightness depending on the time of the day, mimicking a sunset or sunrise. In fact, you can also program them in such a way that when you receive a notification on your device, they turn red. Incredible!

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Lutron Dimmer Light Switches

At times, you may need the light in your living room to be brighter or dimmer. Lutron Dimmer Light Switches offers you the best way to achieve both. This smart home for the living room works wonderfully well. It can be used to dim a light that is too bright, and also control your living room light.

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Kwikset Z-Wave Locks

The Kwikset Z-Wave Locks acts just like a security system. What this smart home for the living room does is quite simple. It locks and unlocks your living room doors just with the simple tap of a finger. No other easy way to get your doors locked if not with the Kwikset Z-Wave Locks.

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Nest Smoke Detector

As the name implies, this smart home for the living room help detects smoke. The Nest Smoke Detector is able to communicate with you and alert you in the case of any problem. You can view or silence alerts right from your phone. The smart home device is highly dependable and works just like a normal carbon monoxide and smoke indicator.

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Amazon Echo

Have you ever wondered if talking robots exists? Well, here is the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo remains one of the incredible smart home for the living room that can do so many things including playing music, ordering items from Amazon, read news, wake you up in the morning, and lots more. 
Furthermore, every other smart device in your home can be integrated into the Amazon Echo. This smart home device is powered using Alexa, Amazon’s AI. It responds to various commands using voice recognition technology. All you need to activate your whole home is to push a single button and start communicating with Echo.

Amazon Echo >>

All these are some amazing smart home for the living room that can help increase the comfort and safety of your home. Want to control your light? Smart home technologies for the living room has you covered.