Smart Home Technologies for the Bedroom

Apart from your living room, another place in your home where you spend more time is your bedroom. Even though most bedrooms are gadget-free zones,  there are certain smart home devices you can incorporate into your bedroom to enjoy your sleep, and make life more comfortable. Let us take a look at smart home devices for the bedroom.


MySmartBlinds offers an incredible way to open and close the blinds in your bedroom. This is a smart home for the bedroom that turns ordinary blinds into one that can be controlled right from the smartphone. It comes with a simple setup that can be connected to your phone using Bluetooth.
Simply set up a schedule you will like your window blinds to open or close. There are also options for sun tracking, gradual tilt, and lots more. With the MySmartBlinds, you can slowly open your blinds an hour prior to waking up. Hence, once you wake up, your room will be fully lit.

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Philips Hue remains a standout of the smart lighting platforms. The kit comes with an array of bulbs, fittings, as well as a mounting option. They can be easily integrated into your bedroom. Using the app, you can easily regulate – dim, brighten - the light bulbs in your room.
You can also change the color to the one that makes you sleep best. The Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs can help in making you go to bed early, and wake you up by creating a personal sunrise. This smart home for the bedroom eliminated the need for a sleep or wake up lamp.


Do you live in a noisy basement? How well do you get proper, deep sleep in your apartment? Finding it hard to get a deep sleep at night due to neighbor’s noise can be quite annoying. If you often find yourself in a situation like this, SleepPhones are for you.
SleepPhones is a smart home for the bedroom that helps in blocking out sleep-disrupting noise either coming from the bedroom or outside. They are just like flat earphones with a comfortable fabric headband design. Even if it's complete darkness you want, you can use it to cover your eyes. What’s more, you can use the SleepPhones to listen to music via Bluetooth while you sleep off.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

In case you have been looking for a smart home for the bedroom that helps monitor and track your sleep, stops you from snoring, and also streams cool music and audio, the ZEEQ Smart Pillow can get it done. This is not just an ordinary pillow, but a smart one. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow will detect when you are snoring, vibrate gently, and adjusts your sleeping position without any need to wake you up.
Furthermore, ZEEQ Smart Pillow features a sleep tracker that can measure your sleep duration, motion, and snoring decibel. It also comes with a smart alarm that can wake you up. Even if you do not like to be woken up by vibration, ZEEQ Smart Pillow will make use of sweet, soft music. This is a smart home for the bedroom that has been customized to offer you the best sleeping comfort you can dream of.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

This is a smart home for the bedroom that does three exclusive functions. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link can act as a cooler, heater, and an air purifier. If you find it hard to get some sleep unless the air is perfect, Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is perfect for you.
You can check and change each and every element of your bedroom including the humidity, temperature, and air quality right from your smartphone. With Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, the atmosphere in your bedroom is a single tap away from being perfect.