Must have technology travel Gadget

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling for business or pleasure, having the right technology gadget will ensure a more pleasant and fruitful trip. We all know the most important travel accessory happens to be the travelling bag, maybe you may fancy to get something a bit higher tech than the old bag you have been carrying around for years. Horizon studios designed a slick, lightweight case called the travel mate robotic suitcase. It entails smooth and silent spinner wheels that glides and follows the owner to any direction.

The travel mate is the first robotic suitcase to be ever made and it works autonomously even in a crowd of people in the airport and it doesn’t require extra peripherals to make it work. Whether you are going to work through the commute, or traveling to a new destination from the airport, travel mate can work both horizontally and vertically and be taken with you even for a walk outside. It is built with a Japanese Hinomoto 360 degrees wheels that matches your pace when you walk just like a puppy and can go as fast as 6.75mph.

Travelmate - The first robot suitcaseYou can put more load or another suitcase on top when you’re travelling with the travel mate as it navigates through crowds of people and is able to follow suite and even avoid objects as needed. The suitcase probably seems a prop straight out of a sci-fi movie but the travel mate suitcase is live and functioning. The travel mate suitcase is suitable to use in any occasion, it can carry your luggage to school, office, up the elevators and smart features like the follow me and omni wheel systems means that the travel suitcase is at the top of the AI autonomous movement technology.

Other useful features that further makes the travel mate suitcase the top must have technology travel gadget for 2017 is the availability of the charging bank system. With a powerful 20,000 maH capacity battery which enables you plug in your gadgets through a USB port or a standard electric circuit on the go and power your low battery devices. The travel mate utilizes a battery that can be charged with wireless technology itself this makes it efficient and time savvy.  It has a TSA approved lock which makes it accessible to the authorities without having to break it open. It is grafted with handmade leather and nylon front pockets to house your documents. It comes in various attractive colors like black, olive, night blue and also the with a capacity of up to 33 liters in divider space.

There is a GPS unit which enable you access the real-time location of your suitcase which is really cool as you have the ability to pinpoint wherever in the world your suitcase is. Curbs the problem of manually searching for your suitcase when it doesn’t arrive on timely manner at check in points.