Connect 2017

Financial metrics like comp sales, revenues, and earnings are important to measure but customers actually drive a business. Business results derive from three primary consumer levers: (1) Get More Customers (2) to Come More Often, and (3) to Spend More. Aligning against these ?3 Levers? drives organizational focus and results. Digital marketing and technology investments need to start with which of the ?3 Levers? is affected. Whether considering a loyalty program, deploying an app or mobile payments, it?s critical to ascertain which consumer outcome will change. Initiatives aligned with the 3 Levers are easily measured and drive continuous results.


Begin: 21.08.2017
End: 23.08.2017


End: 22.07.2017

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Costs: $895
Url: https://mobilecxsummit.com
Location: Sofitel Philadelphia hotel