Turn your garden into a smart garden
This smart garden tutorial will enumerate some tips to help you convert that green space into a high tech smart garten.
Wearable Technologies That Will Boost Your Business
With millions of devices sold already, wearable technologies have caught the public’s imagination.
The Next Generation of Smart Homes: Smart Home 2.0
In the past homes were far from “smart” and that doesn’t mean the residents were stupid, it just means the home couldn’t do fantastic things like a smart home of the 21st century can do.
Are wearables a technology of the future? @Picture:ORII
A few weeks ago, Intel axed its division that worked on the health wearables.
Smart Home Technologies for the Living Room
The advancement in technology has brought about various innovations.
Smart Home Technologies for the Kitchen
We now live in an age internet of things revolution. Our cutleries are Bluetooth-enabled, fridges are connected to the internet, and lots more.
Smart Home Technologies for the Bedroom
Apart from your living room, another place in your home where you spend more time is your bedroom.
Image: Disadvantages of Smart Home Technologies
The industrial revolution of the 19th century brought about unprecedented to our world. New ways of carrying out old tasks emerged.
Image: General Advantages of Smart Homes
The "smart" tag as is being applied to an increasing array of devices is used to mean devices with an advanced operating system that can be connected to the internet and used interactively.